Working Practices with Corona Virus

Case study – Express Telephony

A practical look at our working practices with Corona Virus – how this virus has impacted our business

Over the last few years, many businesses have had to change their working practices as the world has moved online, to reduce costs and environmental impact, make best use of emerging technologies, and to remain competitive in a global marketplace. This last month or two has however seen a rapid change, due to the Novel Corona Virus 19, and for some the learning curve has been steep as they try to change working practices with corona Virus affecting their decisions.

Teleworking, or remote working, have become buzzwords and commonplace as staff  and management work from home where possible to keep businesses running.

We would like to share how our working practices have changed here at Express Telephony, and how they haven´t, to assist you in navigating this viral storm.

Express Telephony

sells telecom products – phone lines, mobile, broadband internet as well as the hardware and software  required to use these products in a huge range of businesses and applications – from health and education, to call centres and retail outlets, as well as many small and medium enterprises across a broad spectrum of industries. Our customer portfolio is diverse.

The jobs we do for our customers – YOU! – on a daily basis include:

  • Cabling up new and existing offices for phones, broadband internet, wired and wireless networks
  • Installing hardware and software eg servers, phone handsets, Windows 10, CCTV etc
  • Configuring devices, programs and apps to work best for each business, including back-ups, cybersecurity protection, smart phones, tablets and PCs
  • Finding best-fit products for each of our customers´unique requirements and budgets, e.g. multi-site solutions, redundant backhaul, unified communications, etc
  • Billing and accounting to keep outgoings and costs to a minimum for our clients and ourselves
  • Communication with customers, suppliers, contractors and staff.
  •  Troubleshooting – it is tech, there are always issues!

We test and adopt our own products and use these within our business. This has made us fortunate in the Covid-19 scenario (in some ways) because our working practices have required less adjustment than for those companies who have had to adopt in a rush.


we have faced is site visits. Whereas we would normally visit sites to assess needs, for instance when cabling a new premises or upgrading systems and networks, many companies have had to furlough staff, shutter premises, move to 100% online day to day running, and postpone planned upgrades and relocations. This makes site visits more difficult, although not impossible if a keyholder permits access so we can proceed during lockdown.


is dealing with our suppliers and customers directly. Keeping the economy running, however bumpy the road at present, is a priority for the country. Telecoms and your business´ lines of communication are vital, and luckily this is recognised by both government and suppliers. Most of our suppliers still have their websites and warehouses open, although as everybody is discovering, deliveries are taking longer as drivers need to self-isolate and admin staff are also affected. We have seen getting delivers of stock to site or our offices or directly to customers a challenge but not impossible.


for set-ups and configuration – once our hardware is in place eg cabling, servers, handsets etc Express Telephony products can, in the vast majority of cases, be configured remotely. We also already regularly ship pre-configured hardware to our clients. Our company has adapted towards unified and smart communications – VoIP, remote working solutions, etc – deliberately for the last few years, and this is reflected in our competitive pricing. We can all avoid undue costs for unnecessary trouble shooting call-outs using remote access systems for both hardware and software, allowing staff to work from home and on the move.

Our advice to all of our customers is:

  1. Talk to us about any problems you may be facing, even if it falls outside of the remit of our contract. Our team has wide-ranging experience across a broad spectrum of business and industry, and just by talking over the problem, we may be able to find your solution. (We can even advise on tropical fish!)
  2. Consider not just the current problem, but also how you can adapt your working practices in future – not just to weather storms such as these, but also to cut opex, rationalise your business and make the most of up-to-date technologies for future success. We can help you find the best solutions – now and going forward.
  3. Don´t despair. Even if it seems that we are heading for rough waters ahead economically, multiple companies may go bust, the news is all doom and gloom, and it will probably snow at Easter, the world is not about to end (We believe!). This is a rare opportunity to take a step back from your company, re-assess, and develop a forward-looking plan. It is the ideal time for companies to show





Express Telephony is right here for you to overcome the problems we are all facing as businesses.

We shall be exploring the options for the future further so follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram and our Communicate Today blog for more of our thoughts on the future. And do get in touch directly if you are struggling to run your business online and remotely at this time. We are happy to help.

Stay safe and well.

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