Reducing Operational Costs

Reducing operational costs is something all businesses should be keen to focus on continually driving down operating expenses when they can.

However, Reducing operational costs with Telecommunication and IT services constantly evolving, changing, upgrading and not always for the better is not straightforward!

Understanding what IT and Telecom services to replace with new technology whilst not letting costs spiral out of control is a challenge for businesses both small and large.

Business Internet connections have become a mission critical service that have become indispensable for use with cloud based applications and services businesses are now running.

These services need to be reliable and scale-able and have unlimited use packages for voice, video and data to be of any real use to your business.

The evolution of VoIP and cloud based Hosted Telephony means that compared with older technology such as ISDN and PSTN lines there are opportunities to make significant savings on your monthly communication costs if you embrace the change in these services correctly.

Next time your looking at reducing operational costs, review your voice, data and IT infrastructure, Its worth considering taking advantage of some of the new flexible and cost-effective services available.

SIP Trunks

According to OFCOM, Traditional ISDN and PSTN services will be ceased by 2025. However, manufacturers of traditional PBX systems are preparing to stop supplying ISDN and PSTN connectivity by 2020.

If you currently have a traditional ISDN/PSTN based PBX type system, its possible it can be upgraded to use SIP trunks or you may have to consider replacing it before 2025.

SIP trunk enabled systems and Hosted VoIP Telephony Services have a host of new Unified Communications features that can benefit by helping businesses owners and their staff with useful cost effective tools to improve communications and at the same you will be reducing operational costs.

Now may be a good time to investigate how the new breed of Unified Communications systems and services can benefit your business.

Obviously you don’t need to rush into this; 2025 will be a while getting here! But after finding out all of the benefits the replacement ‘IP’ based systems have to offer, you may want to do something sooner rather than later.

Hosted SIP Trunks

If you own or lease a traditional telephone system , it may be time to migrate to the cloud. A hosted SIP system will offer you all the features of a traditional telephone system, but without the outlay of the hardware.

Usually a bundled package offering you free calls and a free phone per user along with the PBX functionality usually supplied with your in house phone system solution and includes remote support of the system.

Hosted Telephony systems are usually supplied on a fixed term contract depending on your choice of system and come with the hardware FREE of charge from some suppliers with bundled minutes packages as standard.

If you are using a traditional telephone system you are most likely paying for a maintenance contract and incurring additional charges for site visits and software updates and replacement hardware costs.

So in summary, its possible to upgrade your current legacy PBX system to SIP trunks or install a Cloud Telephony Hosted VoIP solution with free calls and free handsets now and make substantial savings over continuing to use your existing PBX system with ISDN services until forced to change anyway in 2025.

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