This week, up to 32 million mobile users were without phone, SMS or data connectivity when an expired Ericsson software certificate took down the O2 network across the UK. This also included TescoMobile, giffgaff and others who piggyback on O2.

Posts on Downdetector.com and twitter demonstrated just how reliant we have all become on mobile devices and connectivity. More worrying though was the number of businesses who went online to complain about lost revenue whilst disconnected.
No business can afford to have a single point of failure anywhere in their supply chain, and comms is no exception. Redundancy and a back up plan is essential.

SIM only deals are now so cheap that there is no reason not to have a stash of emergency SIM cards for an alternative network when this issue arises again. And it will happen again – no network – wired, wireless or mobile – can guarantee 100% uptime.

SIM cards will remain active for up to 6 months (sometimes longer) with only the smallest initial top up eg £5, and then sending 1 SMS or making a call will keep the number active beyond that time. Employees reliant on mobile devices can keep the back up SIM card with the device to keep any downtime to a minimum.

PAYG has been a much more cost-effective option for businesses than contract for several years, especially if you own the handsets. Also, consumer mobile calls and data deals are now far better value than any business deal and should be given serious consideration, particular if your employees and business consume data in the multi GB/month range.
There is no sensible economic reason for an SME to be paying for unused data and calls each month simply to enjoy the benefits of a business Service level agreement (SLA). Compensation for network downtime is minimal anyway – far better simply to have a failover back up plan with a different network and PAYG SIM cards.

O2 are offering 2 days free access to SME and contract customers as compensation and 10% extra credit on next top-up to PAYG customers.

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