Which Telephone System?

The traditional telephone system used simple lines or digital ISDN lines to connect your office to the BT network so you could make and receive calls. A lot of businesses are still using this type of setup with a business phone system from one of many suppliers such as Panasonic, Samsung, LG, NEC, Mitel or many of the BT variants supplied either on rental or bought outright and are now looking to change the system because its old, broken, out of date or simply does not offer the flexibility the new breed of systems offer a business owner now. flexible working environments demand more from the communications equipment than in days gone by so businesses need to adapt to ensure their workforce is easily contactable from anywhere in the world at any time of he day or night.

Hosted VoIP and SIP trunks which shares your data connection (Broadband) to connect calls to the rest of the world has become pretty much the defacto communications solution for most businesses both large or small. This is done by using non-proprietary phone equipment that gives you the features of your phone system in a monthly subscription with a VoIP handset connected to the internet or using a traditional phone system and replacing the existing ISDN or ordinary lines with SIP trunks, a cut down version of the Hosted VoIP service that replaces directly the old PSTN or ISDN Trunk lines etc.

Hosted/VoIP services are now the first thing offered when you enquire about a new phone system from your Telecoms consultant and indeed will suit most businesses fine if they have a good reliable fast broadband connection. it does become a bit of a challenge if its an older slow ADSL2 broadband service with limited bandwidth.

There can be substantial savings for your business not least in the reduction or removal of capital costs in the first place as like Express Telephone, handsets and call charges can and are bundled as part of the monthly subscription if you sign up for a longer term than a year.

Cost savings can be made such as:

  • Line rental
  • Call charges
  • Support/Maintenance service
  • reconfiguration charges
  • new phone supply

Of course using a Hosted VoIP solution is not always practical or possible and software solutions on offer in the marketplace still need to use a SIP TRUNK services which connects your phone system to the rest of the world using your Data Connection (Broadband) remember? So its not any better to stick with the traditional box on the wall with your lines connected than it is to use a Hosted VoIP solution to supply calls to and from your business. There is an argument that sticking with a traditional in house phone system with SIP trunks connecting it is a cheaper alternative if your running a business with a large number of users. But most traditional systems have the usual built in obsolescence issue that makes it impossible to update without huge expense a few years later when the manufacturer has given up with feature and firmware updates.

So whilst more expensive to keep a bigger Hosted VoIP system running, changing handsets for the nice shiny model is all your ever going to need to do and subscribing to another service with better handsets and features is a simple exercise to complete and keeps your business on top of any technological changes to telephones we will see in he future.

Currently collaboration apps are beginning to be found to link the desk phone to your desktop, your mobile, you tablet and laptop or Macbook and also skype for business, email, chat, messenger services, call recording, call centre services are all part of the rich tapestry of products available on Hosted Telephony systems making the compelling argument for using it in your business.

If your using an old system and your not sure if its time to change? Call us for a chat to find out what a Hosted VoIP telephony solution can do for your business.

Express Telephony have years of experience in finding the correct solution for your business. We listen and learn and prescribe a solution that will work for your business and that stays flexible with the twists and turns of your growth plans throughout the years.

Contact us today via email sales@expresstelephony.co.uk or call 08008493366 for advice and support or to arrange an appointment to see one of our advisers for a chat.

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