It is YOUR responsibility to manage your privacy

In the last two decades, much has changed in the world, particularly with technology. 20 years ago, many had not even heard of the Internet, mobile phones required a car (or butler) to carry around the battery pack, let alone the handset, and we lived in a world where 1984 seemed to be a work of fiction.

The Internet and technology has brought with it many freedoms, but also a considerable burden: that of protecting our privacy from new and rapidly evolving threats.

Identity theft no longer requires stealthy stalking through our rubbish bins at night; credit card and RFID entry card details can be stolen with an invisible swipe as the thief brushes past us in the street; governments openly admit to spying on all citizens and businesses, suspected of crimes or not; cameras watch over our every move; the once loved email has become malicious (excuse the pun); mobile phone calls and SMS can easily be intercepted; free public WiFi comes at a cost of eavesdropping; 2FA (two factor authentication) has become vital for any transaction; encryption for all is both much needed for citizens and loathed by governments; VPNs should be employed by default to protect every bit and byte we move in our daily lives and business…I could go on.

The threats come from every which direction.

Once upon a time, it was seen to be the duty of the government to protect its citizens. I am not precisely sure when this time actually was in history, or if it is simply an urban myth, but governments seem to be blatant about their non-interest in doing this today. Rather the opposite in fact, as they casually leak, or worse, sell, our confidential data to the highest bidder, demand rights to see our every action on and offline, and stridently remove any rights to privacy we once had in an offline world, claiming it will protect us from terror, whilst creating that very emotion for us all themselves.

The advent of the internet shifted the onus of protecting our privacy to the ISPs, who made bold claims of secure emails and protected e-commerce transactions, even when these services were provided by third parties. The big companies – Facebook, Google, Microsoft and so on – are ruthless in exploiting our personal data for their own financial gain – a fact billions seem either oblivious to or uncaring about.

Slowly, however, some consumers are seeing through this thin veil of supposed privacy and protection from “above” and are realising, finally, that it is a matter of personal responsibility to protect our own data, whether it is individual or for our business. There is no guardian for our data beyond ourselves; the responsibility falls firmly now on each of our shoulders.

We can remain ignorant of the need to do so, lethargic until such time as we are hacked, ransomed, shut down, or left out of business. Or we can take action and begin to protect our identities and business from the many malevolent forces there seem to be out there making life harder.

Backups, VPNs, encryption, upgrades and updates, secure communications, cyberawareness and constant education are not something to deal with another day, when we have time or can be bothered. Anyone who has suffered the hassle of identity theft, ransomware, virii, etc will tell you that the time to act is BEFORE it happens to you. Proactive not reactive.

Its time you acted!

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