Flexible Working & Broadband for Your Employees

Are your home workers being let down by home broadband contracts? Over and over, complaints can be read online and in the press from teleworkers and those working from home about their unreliable broadband connections. Don´t let your business and employees down by relying on home broadband contracts – these are not fit for purpose in a business environment.

Upgrade to business broadband so your employees and contractors can work reliably and productively from home.

Why upgrade to Business broadband contracts for all of your flexible working employees and home workers?

  • Home broadband routers, issued frequently for free by ISPs, may be unreliable, insecure and vulnerable to security attacks.
  • Home broadband contracts do not offer QoS (Quality of Service), Service Level Agreements (SLA), fast fault fixes, or compensation for downtime.
    • Business broadband contracts (Leased Lines) offer all of these guarantees, and more.
  • Every minute/hour/day your employees are disconnected, your company loses money, productivity, and work time.
    • Stay connected with a more reliable connection on a Business Broadband contract with easier access to technical support and faster fault repair times.
  • Downtime costs your business money.
    • Money spent on business broadband can be written off against tax and will keep your employees working when a home broadband connection may not.
  • Save money on office costs.
    • Some businesses now operate entirely remotely (from different locations and without a Head Office), using a VoIP main number, hunt groups, DDI etc so that calls can be taken and passed seamlessly between employees and customers or suppliers, wherever they are. Staff working from home can also save money in an existing office.
  • Reduce security issues.
    • Back-ups can be easily performed between employees´ devices, wherever located, meaning your company data can be backed up and protected easily. The inclusion of all your employees´ telecoms in a single contract will ensure that problems can be dealt with in a timely fashion, by a company who knows how all of your network and equipment works together.

A Business Example

An estate agent with agents who work across a large city and frequently work from home, rather than from the office, needed reliable broadband for all employees, a VPN, cloud back-up for all property details,  vendors and purchasers.

Express Telephony provided fibre broadband to each home of the remote workers connect via a VPN from the home to the office using Draytek Routers. This gave a secure connection from the home offices to the server in London allowing the homeworkers to log in and work from home. Coupled with this we provided our Express Telephony VoIP phone system which also enabled them to handle calls from the office and be part of the group of users answering business calls from ht office saving on adding more resource in the way of receptionists at head office.

Mobile workers who were working remotely on the road were provided with mobile apps Smart -UC-One for their mobile phones and tablets or Laptops or Macbooks which enabled them to stay in contact with the office on he move easily. Their mobile devices Laptops and Tablets were also connected to the office either by tethering their devices to the Internet via their 4G mobile or via Huawei MiFi devices with EE 4G sim cards for access to he internet.

This transformed the way the business communicated with its workers and also improved contact with customers arranging viewing of properties or organising access for contractors looking after letting properties etc whist also keeping their data secure at all times using ESET security packages to monitor potential threats to all devices including the Smart Devices.

TO get help and advice on changing the way your workers communicate either in the office or on the move contact us today via email sales@expresstelephony.co.uk of call 08008493366 for a chat to discuss your requirements.

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