Cybersecurity is a critical

 Underestimated business critical expense

Take action today! No day passes without news of companies having their networks cracked, data compromised, and sensitive details being held to ransom for BitCoin. Do not underestimate the cost of a malicious digital incursion into your business. Nor the grief, heartache, time wasted, customers and suppliers upset, reputations destroyed, and the hard work to restore everything. 

No business nor network can be 100% secure – new threats appear every hour of every day. Your business however can and must take steps to prevent at the least the most obvious lines of attack. These include:

  • weak passwords
  • out of date software and hardware
  • limited anti-virus and malware protection
  • poor staff education in cybersecurity
  • open and unmonitored wifi
  • unsafe surfing
  • phishing
  • open ports
  • insecure devices including CCTV
  • non-existent security procedures
  • failure to back-up regularly

The list may seem endless, but your business may meet an untimely end if you do not take action.

“Why bother?” is a question we hear frequently. After all, if you cannot be 100% safe, and whatever you do may be insufficient to keep out a determined intruder, why waste the money and time guarding against an unseen and unknown threat? The truth is, you simply cannot afford NOT to take precautions. Even regular back-ups will mean that, should a non-malicious attack occur – catastrophic hard drive failure, flood, or that old faithful BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) – your caution will be rewarded by a lack of downtime, reduced blood pressure and happy staff and customers.

A truly determined agent will find their way in to your system – even the most well-secured networks, governments, banks and so on will tell you that.  However,  you can keep the less persistent crackers out and your business running with a few basic and inexpensive solutions.

Protect your business, data, staff, customers, suppliers and reputation TODAY.

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