The True Value of Telecom Support

Is Your IT & Telecom Support Contract working?

Once again, we have seen BT suffering major outages, and as well as this being headline news nationwide (and beyond), our Telecom Support, Support Desk has been inundated with new tickets as VoIP and broadband services country-wide crashed and burned!

To submit a ticket as an Express customer to the IT & Telecom Support desk, simply log in to the Telecom Support Portal at the top of every page on the Express Telephony website and let us know what the trouble is. We are here to help you get back online as quickly as possible. sometimes that’s out of our hands and maybe, if that stresses your business out because it stops you trading; we need to talk about resilient alternative fail over and more advanced IT & Telecom Support services that might just keep you going during an outage outside of your control and ours.

However, this outage caused a discussion in the office regarding the desperate need for IT & Telecom Support for all companies, large and small to be more agile, and how some IT & Telecom Support providers are simply not dealing with what the customers expectations are. in fact in our experience, we found the customers agreeing support services with their suppliers, had little or no knowledge of what was covered under their contract and what was extra or simply not something their supplier was prepared to support.

One tale emerged of a recruitment company who have approached Express Telephony because they were at their wits end with their current IT & Telecom Support supplier who only offers 1 hour support per month for day to day changes that might need to be done remotely as part of their usual support contract (its a given that out of hours work, home and remote and mobile workers are not covered unless specified and onsite visits is a term only whispered in some IT & Telecom Support companies!). This recruitment company has over 200 lines, even more handsets and a high turnover of staff that warrants changes to names and hunt group ringing sequences almost daily. Something the IT & Telecom Support company did not bother to find out about before ringing up the $ signs on signup of this great contract!

Each new intake of staff requires handsets to be reconfigured, lines to be reassigned, switchboards to be updated with new details, and more. A single hour of phone support each month is simply not enough to meet this customers demanding expectations.

When we take over any contract, we insist on a discovery day prior to quoting. This offers the potential to ensure all those things that are expected to be covered, are properly discussed to ensure they are covered. Or to ensure that the customer expects to get charged for laptops or tablets that need configuration time out of hours to connect them from home or Hotels. That support for email services that fail to connect because the WiFi in the hotel is not working correctly is chargeable on a bank holiday weekend which surprised the customer! Its not the fact that they charged, its the fact they did not spell out what was covered and what is chargeable and when!

Its imperative to make sure the support contract is fit for purpose and support companies only have themselves to blame if it is not!

We will give you a no nonsense report on your current setup and point out what’s good and what needs some work to help you understand your business communications needs for now and what Digital Technologies might be coming down the track you need to be aware of now!

For a FREE AUDIT or simply to discuss the concerns you have with your current IT Telecom Support contract or indeed any support contracts, give us a call sales today on 0800 8493366 or email

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