Inernet outages – does your business suffer?

Plan For outages with Express

It is difficult to understand how such critical infrastructure for the country as that owned by BT to provide telecoms to businesses, schools, homes, councils, government etc could stop working. And cause such disruption. Where is the redundancy, the resilience, the back-ups? However, it should teach us all one lesson and that is we must build redundancy and resilience into our own businesses, networks, equipment and infrastructure, even if BT don´t. This way, we are protected when such an outage occurs. And, undoubtedly it will before very long.

The first step is to understand which are your business critical services. In this day and age, that usually includes broadband, VoIP and phone lines, and you need to ensure that you have back-up solutions should your primary service fall over and stop working.

For some businesses, location may cause an issue with the choices of telecoms available in an emergency, but Express Telephony is here to help investigate all of your options and advise on the best and most affordable choices for you.

Many companies are able to substitute mobile phones to replace voice lines, and in some areas of the country, the 4G rollout is now sufficiently comprehensive to provide good mobile broadband coverage. Here at Express Telephony, we offer Express365 4G last resort back-up SIMs for those emergencies when you need to rely on mobile broadband, as well as routers and devices to help boost mobile coverage and offer a WiFi service too. We can also advise on additional solutions, depending on your location and requirements.

Planning in advance and training staff to know exactly how to switch from a dead service, however temporarily, to your new active emergency back-up service will mean that any downtime can be minimised and your business can be back up and running swiftly, helping to keep customers happy and your business profitable. Act today before this occurs again.

Here is a link to Down Detector, a site that can tell you about potential broadband outages in your area.

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