Why Your Upload Capabilities Matter…More & More

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The growth of services such as Periscope and Facebook Live, as well as an increasing reliance on video to provide live customer service help, means that your need for an upstream connection that can deliver becomes ever more important.

Traditionally, due to the technical and interference issues surrounding copper twisted pairs, the upload stream has been restricted to ensure that the download connection remained more stable. However, there are now an increasing number of issues around the reliance on this technology by telcos sweating their copper asset.

Firstly, the use of copper to provide the first mile link e.g. from the cabinet or exchange to the consumer is being eroded, not only by wireless but also by Fibre To The Home. (Note: in ye olde days, ISDN offered a symmetrical connection to businesses but was considerably more expensive than a standard ADSL broadband connection. Extra note: the A in ADSL stands for “asymmetrical” or “asynchrous”, and should also stand for “ancient”, “appalling”, “atrocious” etc!).

Secondly, we have come from a sit back world – one in which content was created by a very small number of content producers and consumed by a non-participatory audience, sitting back on their sofas. Think of the TV. This was why the download connection was so important; it had to work sufficiently well for the content to be consumed.

However, with the rise of many devices, from the digital camera and webcams, to the laptop, to smartphones with both mikes and cameras, as well as global phenomena such as Youtube, Vimeo, podcasting, and so on, the act of creation has come to everyone, everywhere. Once content has been created, we move into a lean forward world, where the creator is you, leaning towards your screen and sharing this content with others, everywhere. This act requires an UPLOAD capacity.

And this has become an issue which is causing problems as more and more people, everywhere and anywhere, wish to upload their content but find blockages in the upload pipes. Wireless, copper and satellite providers struggle with this aspect and consumers need to make much more noise about the importance of this facility to their business and domestic usage.

When (it is not an ‘if’ if you wish to succeeding in an online world) your business decides to adapt to the interactive, two way, sharing, co-operative, collaborative market place in which the world now resides, feel free to get in touch with Express Telephony about the broadband and communications options available to you to communicate seamlessly, both as a sit back consumer and as a lean forward participant.

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