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Does your organisation use any of the following or other cloud services? Skype – Microsoft Exchange – Amazon – Office 365 – Drop Box – Google Apps.  The list goes on……


Most organisations now recognise the complete reliance upon an Internet connection. But what are the options when the traditional connections are not available? Given the significant cost of business downtime associated with a loss of VoIP facility, access to cloud applications and data, as well as email.  A Growing numbers of businesses are exploring business continuity options that can be activated when the primary fixed line connection fails.

With Express Comms 365 when it comes to the last line of business operation defence, speed is not the only concern – organisations are increasingly aware of the need to achieve far greater consistency and resilience.

Express Comms 365

Communications resilience is essential – but why keep it just  for emergencies? Bonding multiple connections – both fixed and mobile, from diverse suppliers – provides a guaranteed Quality of Service that not only delivers essential business continuity in a world that is totally reliant upon the Internet but can also transform day to day performance, even enable new business opportunities and services in areas poorly served by the traditional fixed lines.

The alternatives to fixed line options vary depending on location, from microwave to satellite to mobile, increasingly including 4G networks. Performance and cost can also vary significantly; indeed, in many areas where the ADSL service is weak, companies are discovering that a failover to a 3G network actually delivers better performance.

So why simply keep the business continuity connection on standby for emergencies? Why invest in an additional network that may never be used when bonding the connections together provides not only the necessary resilience and contingency but can also improve day-to-day operations?

Bonding aggregates up to six connections, both fixed line and mobile, from multiple providers, transforming both up and download speeds. For example, if a company is using an Ethernet main connection with an ADSL backup option, bonding these two connections together can significantly improve day-to-day performance. Furthermore, if the Ethernet connection fails, the ADSL alternative is still running – there is no need to plug in an alternative router, or any of the other manual interventions typically required to switch over to the back up service.

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