Where is our 21st Century IP Network?

21st Century IP Network?
BT’s version of a 21st Century Network!

We’re now firmly in the 21st century. So where is our 21st Century Network? Back in the 2nd millennium BT were keen to sell their “all digital” network to the press and to regulators.

But a network cannot be defined merely by the epoch it resides in. So what is the 21CN all about?

Shifting from an analogue fixed-line network to an all digital network means that one network transports all information and services by turning voice, data and other media like video into packets similar to those we use on the internet.

Ofcom released their Strategic Review of Digital Communications in July 2015. This document details the challenges we’re facing in ensuring consumers and businesses receive high-quality communications in the future.

BT’s main plan for providing better internet access is already out of date, as is the way with technology. Upgrading DSLAM to ADSL2+ in the exchange is controversial because this means a cap of 24 Mbit/s downstream and a snail like 1.4 Mbit/s upstream. All of this is of course dependent on the distance from the exchange to the customer’s premises.

Time is ticking for BT, if they do not implement their plan soon the UK is going to be saddled with dated technology at the heart of vital communications networks for decades to come. If things get too backlogged and a whole new direction is decided upon, well we’ve just wasted billions on another BT venture.

This has happened before. In the mid-00s BT planned to deploy and operate next generation networks and switches. However this was abandoned in favour of maintaining current-generation equipment.

Not that the UK has no networks that would count as 21st Century. In 1999 THUS plc began deployment. THUS’ 21CN contains 10,600km of fibre optic cable. Their core optical network uses dense wavelength-division multiplexing that is scalable. Meaning there is the potential for hundreds of gigabits per second of bandwidth, THUS’ network can grow with consumption demand.

Now that (not-)Top Gear are moving to Amazon Prime millions more consumers are going to be flocking to streaming services adding an extra load to an already wheezing network.

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