Internet security – Should we be worried?

Internet Security
Internet Security, Should we be worried?

The DDOS Cyber attack on Talk Talk’s customer database is by no means unique, in fact these sort of Internet security attacks are becoming widespread but its only the big events that become headline news, should we be worried about this happening to our own data on our own servers (cloud or otherwise) desktops, Laptops, Mobile devices etc? Of course most of us have the necessary security software in place to protect us from everything right? Wrong we only think we do! Mostly, our own Internet security systems and processes and indeed equipment is woefully inadequate to protect ourselves properly! Cyber Crime is currently the latest criminal activity to enjoy rapid growth! So its not just the big companies that need to worry, its all of us using the Internet in our day to day lives to access on-line content on secure sites and non-secure site around the world. These include bank records, pay on-line retailers, and all an sundry products and service websites we access, pass and download sensitive data to and from etc.

A sustained Internet Security attack can disable bank security, CCTV system security and Government websites so if your home or business network is not properly protected you can expect to find your system infected with all sorts of undesirables designed to capture your bank details amongst other data you would rather they did not have access to! Of course if you’re using the Internet for business probably all your PC’s on the network will be infected if you find it on one machine as a result  of not installing the right Internet security software on all the other equipment!

Far to often because business bosses in particular can’t see the infection until its too late, it’s not deemed to be important enough to spend money on it. Businesses need to take some advice about Internet security software such as ESET Smart Security and a decent router with a decent built in firewall such as Draytek’s 2830 series or for more advanced installations a Draytek Vigor 3900 Quad-WAN Firewall to ensure they have taken adequate steps to protect their businesses from unwanted hackers.

You don’t need to do much to protect yourself but you do need to be vigilant. if you get emails with attachments that look odd, they probably are best deleted and the IP address blocked as well as the user. If your asked to give out any details over the phone when your called, make sure the person you’re talking to is who they purport to be and not a scammer after your login credentials. We have all done it, been rung by a company we know and given out our access details to them without thinking about why!

So some simple rules:
1) Never give your details out to anyone over the phone.

2) If you must call them, make sure you phone them back on a different phone and different device preferably to a number you are happy is genuine.

3) Ensure all your system updates are updated as soon as possible. These are usually from Microsoft or your security software companies ie ESET etc.

Internet Security Software

4) Use strong hard to remember passwords, where possible using alpha numerical ie “a5grw4o6h” (I know how am I supposed to remember that!) as these are the safest codes to use.

5) Change your pass codes every few months and make sure if you must write them down it is not on the Internet or your PC!

6) Ensure you install security software like ESET Security Software and pay for the copy, free copies are not up to date, lack the latest definitions and usually are manually run so its possible to   forget to update them and run them negating their usefulness. If you pay for a sbuscription to an Internet Security software specialist like ESET for example these run in hte background and the virus definitions are update each day or as necassary giving you very good protection.

7) Buy a good quality router with a built-in firewall, for small business use, the Draytek 2830 series is best in class and Draytek have won awards worldwide for their routers and firewalls.

8) Update to Microsoft windows 10, not essential yet but it will be.

Should we be worried about Internet Security?……..Yes we should, but not to the point of not using it. We just need to take more steps to ensure we protect ourselves more effectively from the opportunist cyber criminal. Rather like we would at home, we would not go out leaving all the doors and windows open with s sign on the door saying, “please steal from me” we would fit an alarm and install security locks to stop opportunist crime and keep an eye out for undesirables attempting to break in down the street!

Its just common sense, right?!

If you need help and advice on how best to protect your business data from being hacked call us today on 0800 8493366 to arrange a FREE audit of your IT and Telecoms equipment and services or email for more information.


Internet Security
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Internet Security
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