Making the most of Social Media


Making the Most of Social Media
Social Media is the gateway to the internet

Written by: John Popham – Citizen’s Interactive Broadcasting

Does your business make effective use of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube? Social media are here to stay. More than 60% of the UK population now uses social media on a regular basis, and, increasingly, they expect the businesses they transact with to do the same. If they can’t find you on-line they will be less likely to do business with you, and they want to be able to have a dialogue with you about your products or services.

Social Media is the gateway to the internet for so many people, and so, you may have the best website in the world, but, without an effective social media presence, most people will never find you. In internet terms, being on social media is going to where your customer is rather than waiting for them to come to you. The past three hundred years has been unique in human history as small numbers of people and organisations have taken control over the means to communicate. The rise of social media has seen the start of the process of equalising such relationships with people now having the means to communicate with the world in their pockets, in the shape of powerful smartphones. This changes the nature of relationships, with people moving from being passive consumers to producers of their own materials and shapers of their own destinies. And they want to use some

Make the most of social media
Businesses need to make the most of Social Media

of this power to ensure they get the best possible deals and provide feedback to those they do business with. Social Media can help companies build relationships with their customers which, ultimately, are based on trust. They are much more likely to buy from you if they trust you. So it is important to use social media to give people an insight into your business, to demonstrate your character, and show people what goes into producing your service.

Tweeting your day; offering discounts via Facebook; posting pictures of your products on Pinterest, and video clips of you and your staff at work, are all ways of using social media to communicate with your customers and partners. So, the next time someone says to you “social media is just about celebrities tweeting what they had for breakfast”, think again. There are some powerful communications tools available out there, and other businesses are using them, you can’t afford to be left behind.

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