Telephone Systems in the 21st century

Cloud PBX Telephone systems
Choosing telephone systems for your business is a daunting task!

Telephone systems and telephones are great. We’ve got used to them, they do almost everything now, however costs can completely wipe out your bank account. The problem is telephone systems traditionally are usually far to big! That’s because you needed to allow for your business to expand. However this meant considerable capex was required and business owners needed to be fortune tellers able to predict the future growth in staff recruitment!  Configuration packages for telephone systems extended way beyond the need usually or visa versa. Somehow it was never quite right! Commission for sealing your deal would have pushed the price up ‘just in case’ you need more perhaps.

At Express we make your communications fit your business budget and your requirements. We do this by learning about your business, answering your questions, providing full project management of installing your telephone systems; we get things going, you do what you do best, we train you how to make the most of your new telephone system and other equipment you take from us and we provide ongoing help and support to ensure you get the best value for money possible.

You might want multiple lines, you might want mobile packages, you may need advise on our CloudPBX Telephone Systems, whatever you need Express can conduct a free audit of your communications system to find out where to make savings and improve efficiencies.

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We believe so strongly in making sure you make the right choice that we are happy to spend time at your premises working out your requirements before offering a no obligation quotation. Our aim is to make the process clear and simple.

We also understand that no two businesses are the same; neither do they have the same business communication needs. What all businesses do have in common though is the need for reliable, good quality products at competitive prices and great support services from their provider.

The advantages of VoIP communications over landline phones are numerous. You can easily send documents to each other, or grant access to specific folders. Video conferencing is much easier across different platforms and hardware- computer to mobile to tablet for instance, all made possible by the internet.

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