Wireless networks and web services

Wireless networks and web services
Wireless Networking from anywhere!

Wireless networks either replace or augment existing structured wiring solutions that use CAT5/6e/fibre cabling to pass data and voice traffic around your building. Using Radio waves such as Infra Red and microwave services to communicate with PC’s, Servers, Printers, Routers and Broadband etc. Wireless equipment is the future of networking with wireless charging being the holy grail.

One key advantage of using wireless network equipment over traditional copper/fibre optic cabling systems is in listed buildings where the installation of any hardwired equipment is severely limited or in buildings that are design statements. Another good use of wireless networking is at exhibitions, trade shows and for temporary buildings such as Portacabins on building projects.

In parts of the world that did not get wired communications until recently or at all wireless networks have superseded wired networks. In Lagous or rural China people are using wireless connections to the internet and wireless telephone calls through mobile phones.

Wireless networks do have their down side, not least the issue of securing your connection, protecting your network from hackers who will access poorly configured networks using a laptop. All the equipment available today comes with anything up to 128 bit encryption. However with the necessary encryption and password access enabled you’ll have peace of mind knowing your valuable data can be protected from unauthorized access. You can also turn off your SSID making your router undetectable to some.

Wi-Fi technology is growing in popularity all over Europe in both the SME market (small to medium sizes enterprises) and the corporate world. Growth is most noticeable in the domestic market for home workers, freedom from the office also means freedom from the desk- I want to sit in the park, at a cafe, on the roof. Speed of connection will improve as will all aspects of wireless be seen in all walks of life in the future. Wireless standards are now being developed and currently conform to the 802.11 “Wi-Fi” standards.

Wireless is only part of the picture. As a company doing business on-line, you also need to ensure that your hosting, email, domain names, software licenses, and back-ups are also up to scratch.

Express Telephony offer Web services to suit all businesses, as well as IT Support.

Our expert technicians can give you the best advice on how to streamline your current communications system. Contact us today via phone or email to organise a free audit- we’ll come to you and evaluate your office and your needs in person with a no obligation quote at the end.

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