Cloud solution: private, hybrid or public?

Which Cloud Solution do you need?
Choosing a Cloud solution is not easy!

Cloud solution
 are where exactly? While one answer is, all around us, another refers to the deployment model: who owns it dictates where ‘it’ is. There are three models- private, public and hybrid.

A private cloud is set up behind a firewall and has a precise set of technologies tasked that enable controlled access to cloud services and data. Private cloud solutions are a common introduction into cloud-computing as they are a controlled space. A logical progression is that private clouds extend into public clouds in order to  satisfy needs- this creates a hybrid cloud.

Public cloud is a cloud computing system that is setup in the public domain- if you use Gmail you’re using the public cloud. As you will already know the public cloud includes security technology (passphrases from the user, HTTPS and security certificates from the infrastructure) to ensure controlled access to user-specific data.

Hybrid clouds use technology that combines cloud applications and data that are located in ‘on-premise’ IT systems, private cloud services and public cloud services. Most clouds are hybrid as company’s private clouds generally cannot exist in isolation from the resources that are located on public clouds.

The desired outcome of a successful hybrid cloud set-up is to encourage new systems of engagement (PaaS, IaaS, or SaaS) by using on-premise data in a novel manner whilst retaining security and reliability. Security cannot be understated when it comes to cloud computing- encryption and data masking needs to occur.

Going totally cloud is unrealistic given that most traditional businesses have an existing IT infrastructure of some kind. Legacy applications can be especially difficult to shift. For cloud computing companies this is the challenge to overcome in order to tap a lucrative market- the pairing and integrating of traditional IT with external or internal clouds.

So the cloud is all around us, deployed in different ways to meet different Cloud solution requirements for your business needs.

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