Why WiBe?

Despite the internet being essential to 21st century life there are places and people that lag far behind in terms of connectivity and accessibility. When large corporations aim to connect people they are of course looking to their bottom line for validation. As such isolated areas, far from concentrated consumer clusters and all that infrastructure are overlooked.

But those people still need a reliable, fast internet connection. 3G and 4G access in cities has increased dramatically, and will keep growing. WiBe is part of this trend.

But what is a WiBe?

Its a Wireless Broadband Extender. Standing about 20cm tall, it weighs half a kilogram and requires a 6V DC connection (adaptors are available).

Inside the cylinder there are four antennae. Simply insert your 3G or 4G data sim of choice and it will test each antennae and connect through the one that has the best signal. This is then broadcast as good old fashioned WiFi for your devices to use.

Similar to creating a mobile hotspot using a smart phone, but with more antennae comes greater speed and signal quality.

With good 3G or 4G signal the WiBe can bring you download speeds of up to 15mbps. John Popham tested this kit in the field and found it possible to use Skype, iPlayer and YouTube in places with no mobile signal. Deltenna claim that 15mbps and even 30mbps is possible, these speeds put the WiBe at about the average download speed in the UK.

As well as creating a reliable hotspot almost anywhere there are some contractual advantages to the WiBe. Short term and rolling contracts for broadband are rare in the UK. By getting a sim card with a decent data plan this nuisance can be negated. WiBe also works as a redundant solution, i.e. a backup, for when you suffer unexpected outages.

The price tag of around ¬£250+ means that this isn’t an option for everyone. But for the right buyer, in the right location, with the right needs the WiBe is a very useful tool.

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